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Alright, well turns out that with the exeption of my application, I haven't posted much of anything in here.
... So, being bored and all, I will post some pictahs from break...:


Painting Brianne's Room:

Brianne and I


Brianne and my best friend, Cindy Lou.



Brianne and Leigh


Leigh likes finger painting :]


Leigh's friend.


Brianne and I


The last, realitively gross, neglected piece of pizza that no one wanted.


The rollers like to have sex sometimes.


A trip to the mall // movies:


Leigh and Missy in the parking lot between the mall and the movie theater.


Missy and Leigh with the psychic machine, Zambini at the mall.


Leigh is a skank.


Me + Missy + Leigh - walking to the movie theater.


New Years Eve


Ellen, Brianne, Craigh... and Craigh's milk [dunkin' donuts]


Ellen <3


Me + Ellen + Brianne + my milk + craigh's milk. What more could you possibly want in a pictah?


Nick at the show at the highschool.


Me and Ellen's lame attempt to take a picture of ourselves in the reflection of the window.


Brianne gave birth to me while we were watching a movie at some boys house.


Ellen + Craigh + Missy


Elbow and knee sex :D


Watching a really bazar movie at some boys house.


Ellen + Craigh + Missy


Ellen + Bia




... Ellen <3


Ellen's sister is really cool.



Blurry ... oh well.


Ellen and I


Ellen is really cool.


Me + Ellen [and my milk, of course]




Ellen and I. Hmm, are these captions really nessecary? I think not. Oh well.


a little pictah of craigh because I can't make it any bigger, hah.


Camera Whoring:




Dying Lauren's Hair // Sleepovurr:

Leigh and I :D


We drew a smiley face on Lauren's head. It was normal until Leigh smudged one eye and it started to drool, but oh well.



Lauren and I [her hair still blonde]


Leigh and I shaking the hurr dye


Leigh and Lauren seducing a nutcracker.


When Tony, Jordan, and Marc snuck over and it was like negative five million degrees outside.


Trying [but failing miserably] to warm myself up.


Lauren with brown hair [and a polka-dotted bra that just screams "SEX" :D]



That's all the pictures. Sorry there were like nine million... I was bored
[(We need new members, so promote)]

I best be going


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