myy applicationn

location:warrenn. ohio.
what makes you so hawt!? my personality... duh!!
10 bands:bright eyes. the cure. tegan and sara. senses fail. the used. lady fantastic. atreyu. afi. silverchair. taking back sunday.
5 movies:pretty in pink. breakfast club. 16 candles. mean girls. finding nemo.
Why should you be accepted? because i am the coolest person you will everrr meet... haha.
Favorite Book: hmm... i have a lot of those. i like the gossip girl books a lot... and just a bunch of other random ones.
Quote/Lyric: genric:: you'll never find it when you're looking for it.
idols:marilyn monroe.
At least 3 pictures:

lyndsy and meee

One promotion. show link:
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    tegan and sara :: i won't be left